superglue of grace


So it’s been a few days. I’ve been dabbling around with words in my head as to what on earth it is I should be saying about this. The other night at my CU meeting at uni I really think God gave me a picture of marriage. It was a beautiful, beautiful picture; we were singing ‘alabaster’ by rend collective (if you haven’t heard it, check it out here:, and one of the most poignant lyrics in this song for me is this: “I am broken at Your feet, like an alabaster jar”. We are all broken jars in front of Jesus. We go to him as we are, where we are and his grace finds us in that place. it was at this point in the picture that I saw the broken jar in front of this glowing light, a fire almost, keeping the clay warm. And it was chipped and broken and bits of jar were scattered everywhere. Suddenly, the jar was being rebuilt. The colour of the jar was that rich terracotta colour you see in homebase in the garden section all the time, but as the jar was being rebuilt, other parts of another jar were being fixed into the original jar. (Sorry, used the word jar a lot there, I hope it makes sense. The more I type it the more it sounds weird: jaaaaar. ANYWAY) so what I took from this picture is this: if you’re single, and even if you’re not, lay your jar at the feet and the light of Jesus. Let him pick up your broken pieces and if he wants to, let him add someone else’s to yours. he knows just the jar that will fit, and he knows just how to put it together in the best way for you. I said in one of my earlier posts that I really felt God say that I can’t find the right guy if that’s what God wants for me in my own strength, but only in his. By laying your jar at his feet, you’re giving Jesus control of this whole relationship business. The only reason I’m blogging about it is because I’m so aware of how difficult it is to be a single Christian, especially in churches so full and thriving with couples and families and all the rest of it. BUT and this is the most vital part, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE OTHER THINGS GOD HAS GIVEN YOU.

The picture continued, in that it was perfectly okay for the jar to be put together only using it’s own pieces and the incredible super glue of grace, because that’s what Jesus knows is best for that jar. And imagine the incredible things Jesus has planned for that jar. Marriage is not the only calling. It is not the only right calling, either, and it really breaks my heart that so many people (myself included) lose sight of all the amazing things Jesus is doing because they don’t have that gorgeous guy or gal singing next to them in church on Sunday morning. Or maybe they do, but they’re not quite what they thought they would be.

All surpassing power is from GOD and NOT US.

I reckon Paul was onto something there. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you lay the pieces of your broken jar at the feet of Jesus, he will put you back together in the best way because he KNOWS YOU and he LOVES YOU. He’s not going to do a shabby job of this or leave parts out. He’s got you covered. Okay?

But consider this: who else could the other parts of your jar be? Could it be your family, your best friend, your children? It doesn’t have to be marriage. Jesus puts you together again using the right people and the right relationships. How beautiful is that?

I want my future to be made out of all of the broken bits that I’ve given Jesus – but in a way that glorifies him. I want him to put me back together again, with or without other jar parts or what have you, and I want to be a jar filled with the treasure of God, that I might be of use to him and serve him for the rest of my clay days. (or clays. HA.) I really hope this makes sense. And I really hope these were the words Jesus wanted me to use. Thing is, I can’t let Jesus be my life if I don’t ask him for that one of a kind superglue of grace. I can’t fix these chips on my own, and put the jagged fragments back together. Jesus can. And guess what? He’s doing just that.

Peace and blessings x

Picture from: heathermstanley on Pinterest 🙂


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