“it’s like you don’t know: baby, you’re beautiful”


HELLO. We all know I’ve taken a century to get back to you all, I’m sorry about that (I have a proper excuse kinda for this one, I’ve been away so… soz). So I’m sitting here listening to some of my lovey dovey songs cause it’s late and I fancied it, why not! And good old Tyler Hilton comes on (the lovely looking lad up there) with his song Prince of Nothing Charming. My favourite lyric in this song is ‘it’s like you don’t know: baby, you’re beautiful” (good job really seeing as it’s the only lyric I can justify putting in this blog, it DOES have a point I promise!). Tonight I want to talk about grace. And in my opinion, God’s grace is one of the many things that make us beautiful, but it’s definitely a HUGE contributing factor.

Look at all of those Christian people you know; they’ve got that weird glow about them that’s kinda like the Ready Brek ads (or so I’ve been told) and the cheesy Christian grin is PERFECT, and the more time you spend around them it’s kinda catching?

That’s grace.

It’s the sensational realisation of working out that actually we can’t do this on our own, no matter how hard we try, how hard we work. We suck, guys. And guess what? That’s absolutely okay. Praise God! The reason I want to write about grace tonight is purely because I’ve completely forgotten about it recently. I keep messing up with different stuff and forgetting that God’s graces are new each day. I feel put down and forgotten about and actually the only person who seems to have forgotten anything is ME. I found this quote earlier which kinda sums up the point I’m about to make:



Oh snap? Oh snap indeed, friends. See, I do this thing sometimes where I think that I can work really hard and try really hard at this Christian thing and feel like I’ve earned my grace. Erm, what? You can’t earn grace guys, I’m really sorry to break this to you. Turns out you can read your bible as much as you like and pray every day and give food to the homeless and stick up for the kid being bullied in your class or whatever, but if you’re not doing it with the focus of seeking God and getting closer in your relationship with God, then there really isn’t much point.

Strong sentiments, huh? Well, you’d be right.

See, grace is a gift. A free, no-catch gift from God. You cannot earn grace. The God I believe in isn’t one that you sacrifice 3 children below the age of 5 to and hope that he grants you forgiveness. My God is a God that gives grace freely, he is abundant in mercy and he lavishes his love and goodness on me.

THAT is a God who loves me. And see, the thing is, when we receive grace, we start to radiate the love that God gives us in turn. We start to forgive people, we start to see others differently. If there ever was a way to pay Jesus back (hold you heresy-seekers, there definitely ISN’T so don’t start) it would be to live in His amazing ways and amazing grace. And THAT is what we should try and do – accept that He loves us, and live in that relationship with Him. Not to pay him back or make amends for the sacrifice He made for us. But to be so overwhelmed with God that all we want is more and more and more of Him. Got it?

So in this song by the lovely Tyler, he tells this lass she’s gorgeous and she doesn’t seem to know it (in case the title wasn’t obvs enough), and I think that we can feel like that sometimes when it comes to grace. See, the thing is, we don’t feel worthy of grace – and nor should we, because we aren’t. But the fact we aren’t worthy of it doesn’t mean we can’t have grace or we don’t already have it in our lives. That’s just a fact of being – it’s a part of knowing and accepting Jesus. Grace changes everything and it changes us.

School Theme Printable.  Ephesians 4:7 for ruler.  "But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ."   Ephesians 4:7

God is good, okay? He answers prayer and he dishes out grace like it’s going out of fashion. He sees all the bad stuff you do and HE STILL LOVES YOU, he still lavishes his grace upon us and he still goes on saving us as if it was the first time all over again. So this might not have been a massively weighty blog with some hardcore message and all that, but the point remains still. I wanted to share a bit about grace and there you have it – or at least, you can have it, just say yes to Him.

Peace and blessings x

pictures from Louise McCallion, Amy Burns & Julia Bettencourt on Pinterest 🙂


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