Encourage beauty, beauty encourages


I’m either getting overly excited by blogging again so soon or I (hopefully) have something fairly alright to say today. I’m sitting here thinking about God, and prayer. And how over the last few days some serious prayers have been answered, whether over the last few years I’ve been going at Jesus about it or whether it was something I mumbled before sleep yesterday. Whether we see it or believe or not, God answers prayer. And I think that’s pretty darn encouraging in itself.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you. I checked out a bit of Thessalonians earlier on and wanted to write about encouragement. I’ll be honest, the beautiful-put-together woman of God I’ve been writing about hasn’t exactly been around much the last few weeks. I’ve been feeling quite UNbeautiful on the inside and out (mainly because I’ve been bitten to buggery by gnats and midges and being unable to tan has left me looking like a blotchy Edward Cullen glittering in the sunshine), but the fact remains I am still beautiful regardless of whether I feel beautiful. Feelings change, facts don’t. So you remain beautiful too. Regardless of how you feel.

This is what I want to talk about. See, one thing I’ve noticed is that I laaaaave to compliment people. Absolutely LOVE it. In my early teens it was because I felt so inferior to the lovely people around me that I never let myself feel my own worth or goodness. I would say the things to them that I wish someone would say to me, and sadly it didn’t really happen. Not properly, anyway. I think my low self esteem was so obvious no one dared to go near the subject with me. Thankfully, things changed. They really changed. I met Jesus, and suddenly the things I was saying to my friends became tyre for me too. You’re beautiful. You’re special. You’re funny and charming. You’re lovely. – they all became real for me. EVEN when I didn’t feel it. And, the point remains, it is STILL true for you.

I was explaining to someone the other day that when you meet with God there’s this sort of top up process and suddenly you feel like you’re on overdrive and overload and overflow and you’re doing your best to be nice and kind and caring, mainly because you can’t help it. This happens with other things, like when you really feel happy it impacts on your attitudes towards other people. And guess what? When you realise you’re beautiful and worthy you want to share that with others.

So whilst I still feel blotchy and kinda like a glittering vampire when I go outside, I still know that I’m beautiful and loved by God and those around me. Yeah, I’ve gained a bit of weight recently and my skin has broken out in places I’d rather it hadn’t (I.e., my flipping face, WHY) and my nails need repainting. But honestly, so what?


So there we have it. A slightly shiny, spotty faced and crazy maned selfie just for you lovely people reading this. Aren’t you lucky! But my challenge for you is this: ENCOURAGE SOMEONE. Go on, I dare you. Tell them they look nice or make a cup of tea. Tell them you’re proud of them or that you love them. Just DO IT. Okay? Whatever your position on Jesus and beauty, do it. Tell someone something lovely and make sure they know you mean it.


And most importantly, my prayer for you is that you will not only be encouraged by each other, but also by God and his love for you whether you know it or not. He’s got you, and he’s covering you. So hear what we all have to say, and BE ENCOURAGED.

You’re beautiful yeah?

Peace and blessings x

Pictures from Yreka Sisson and Ruth Kirkland on Pinterest 🙂


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